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Afrik Genesis’ methodology to optimize your maintenance management

Maintenance activities are defined as all operations that aim at maintaining equipements optimal performance and increase their lifespan.

Equipment’s maintenance costs are one of the most significant costs for the operation of industries (averaging 10 to 15% of operating costs, including the purchase of spare parts and consumables).

A non-optimal organization of maintenance management leads to various types of losses: production stoppages, non-compliance with delivery deadlines, human resources underemployment, risks to the safety of people and installations, unsatisfaction of customers’ expectations, etc. These losses end up damaging the company’s results and image.

As part of its consulting activity, AFRIK’GENESIS’ firm designs and encourages its clients to implement operational excellence approaches that result in a continuous optimization of their processes (non-quality costs control). Thus, for maintenance systems’ performance optimization, we developed a “process approach” whose main impact is an increase in the gross margin of industries.

AFRIK’GENESIS’ methodology, which is inspired by the TPM approach[1] (Total Productive Maintenance) integrates the following aspects, depending on the size of production units:

  • The development and update of maintenance policy and processes
  • The development and update of maintenance objectives and key performance indicators
  • The optimization of technical services organization chart, in line with the company’ strategic objectives
  • The drafting and update of maintenance procedures
  • The development of manuals for installations and equipment’s hierarchical maintenance
  • The design of preventive maintenance schedules and the conception of dashboards to monitor maintenance operations
  • The analysis and optimization of maintenance costs
  • The implementation of computer-aided maintenance management systems (CMMS)
  • The development of capacity building plans for human resources in charge of maintenance.

Our support to optimize maintenance systems’ performance is usually carried out in two phases:  

  1. A diagnosis phase, to analyze maintenance management current standing within the company.
  2. A technical assistance phase, to optimize the maintenance system by implementing the action plan designedduring diagnosis.

Since October 2020, AFRIK’GENESIS’ consulting firm has been supporting the reorganization the NANA BOUBA Group’s industries’ maintenance management systems (AZUR S.A. and IBI S.A.). The works carried out helped harmonizing and standardizing the formalizing (policies, processes, procedures) and steering (preventive planning, KPIs, dashboards) tools of the maintenance process between the various Group’s companies. This harmonization resulted in maintenance costs savings, which amount 2 to 3% of overall operating costs.

Depending on your production units’ size, our teams can carry out complete diagnoses of your maintenance’s organization in a span of 3 to 6 weeks. These diagnoses allow us to develop detailed action plans to optimize the operational and financial performance of your maintenance.

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[1] The TPM approach, Total Productive Maintenance, is a method that aims at building a corporate culture that improves the overall efficiency of the production system. This approach facilitates the merging from a curative maintenance system to preventive or even predictive maintenance system.

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