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2022 alongside industrial operators and players in the energy sector

AFRIK’GENESIS consulting firm (AGENSE[1], its former name) was created in 2001 by former executives of major oil companies. They had realized the need to put their skills to work in order to improve the quality and equity of energy supply on the Africa continent. Indeed, access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy is an important lever for establishing a sustainable economic growth. Fossil fuels represent more than 80% of the energy supply for the vast majority of Africa’ sub-Saharan countries. Coal, oil, and gas availabilities remain essential to meet household needs, facilitate people and goods transportation, and support industrial and infrastructure development.

Since the explosion of SONARA[2] on May 31, 2019, domestic needs for petroleum products are essentially met through imports. In 2021, distributors operating on the national territory marketed nearly 1,800,000 metric tons of fuel[3], for an overall turnover of more than 1,200 billion CFA francs. Despite the importance of these volumes, the national supply remains well below demand. This demand is being estimated at more than 2,500,000 MT in 2022. Oil distribution market in Cameroon therefore constitutes a niche of opportunities, even if its growth remains limited by the inadequacies of logistics networks (storage and transportation capacities).

In order to strengthen their deployment, increase their market shares, and meet industries and households needs, oil distribution companies must optimize their cost structure while increasing consumption rates in their respective networks. AFRIK’GENESIS consulting firm gathered a pool of experts, whom several capitalize more than twenty (20) years of experience in the management of oil activities. We support oil distribution companies in the context of:

  • Technical-economic and profitability studies for the construction of gas stations
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of gas station network performance
  • Feasibility studies for the launch of domestic gas and/or lubricants distribution activities
  • Studies for the development of additional profits centers
  • Development of procedures manuals and design of dashboards to monitor operations.  
  • HSE assessments and staff training

At the end of year 2021, SCDP[4] took delivery of a 10,000  storage tank, as part of an overall project of 34,500  storage capacity extension. This expansion project aims at strengthening the supply of heavy fuels, mainly intended for industrial needs and infrastructure development. The increase of energy supply in 2022 should therefore promote a better production continuity for local industries.

In addition to external factors (energy deficit, scarcity of raw materials, tax pressure, lack of highly qualified labor, etc.), Cameroonian industry also faces many challenges, regarding organizational optimization. These challenges lead to significant non-quality costs. The transformation of management systems with the aim of reducing waste and losses (optimizing the allocation of resources) then becomes the key tool for ensuring competitiveness, particularly in the sub-sectors of food processing, industrial chemicals, brewing or metallurgy.

Since 2017, AFRIK’GENESIS developed a consulting approach for the optimization of organizations’ performance. Our firm built a network of Certified Consultants in Lean Management, PMP and ISO-45001, to offer the following services to local industries:

  • Technical-economic and feasibility studies for the launch of new production units
  • Organizational diagnostics and process optimization
  • Optimization of maintenance management systems
  • Optimization of energy consumption, including that of petroleum products
  • Implementation of Quality and Safety management systems
  • Design of dashboards for operations monitoring.

Dear Clients and Partners, throughout this year 2022, our teams will put their skills to support your performance optimization.

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[1] African Agency for Energy, Environment and Security

[2] Cameroon National Refining Company

[3] National consumption data – SCDP

[4] Cameroon Oil Storage Company

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