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We support oil distribution companies

The Oil and Gas sector makes up the core business of the consulting firm AFRIK’GENESIS.
We support national companies, regulatory authorities, and oil companies by providing them with technical and commercial studies, strategic consulting, organizational diagnoses, and operational audits.

As we launched in 2001, we worked as a subcontractor for Ernst & Young Central Africa, assisting the Central African Government in evaluating PETROCA’s gas station network for its privatization to mainly benefit the major TOTAL.

From 2002 to 2008, AFRIK’GENESIS (formally AGENSE[1]) led the stabilization and equalization system reform for fuel prices in Gabon. That experience enabled us to develop tools to optimize the different cost elements of the downstream oil chain.

Most recently in Cameroon, from 2017 to 2020, we supported one of the main local oil distribution companies with technical assistance and a strategic consulting mission. Since its launch, AFRIK’GENESIS consulting has gathered a pool of experts with several capitalizing more than twenty (20) years of experience in the management of oil activities.

Through our work in the downstream oil sector in Central Africa, we have strengthened our ability to assist Marketers in the development and implementation of their investment, logistical, and commercial development policies. AFRIK’GENESIS offers the following solutions to oil distribution companies:

  • Market and feasibility studies for the creation of new oil distribution companies
  • Technical, economic, and profitability studies for the construction of gas stations
  • Performance evaluation and diagnoses for gas stations networks
  • Feasibility studies for the launch of domestic gas and/or lubricants distribution activities
  • Studies for the development of additional profit centers
  • The development of marketing strategies
  • The development of procedures manuals and the design of dashboards to monitor operations. 
  • The implementation of quality and safety management systems
  • Assistance with training for staff

With this extensive experience in the downstream oil sector, our firm’s challenge is now to contribute to strengthening the economic and commercial performances of oil distribution companies in Central Africa.

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[1] African Agency for Energy, Environment, and Security

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